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Curious fellow that I am, I have searched the internet a number of times over the years to see if there were any other Peddes out there. To my surprise, I discovered many references with the Pedde surname, most of whom were unknown to me. The Pedde name is unusual enough that I have always been of the opinion that there must be some common ancestors back in history somewhere. Most Peddes with whom I have corresponded seem to have one thing in common – ancestry dating back to German origins in the Prussias or in German settlements in Poland.

If you have any interesting insights or information about anything 'Pedde,' please contact me and we will add useful information to this site so that other Peddes might benefit. If you are a Pedde or have Peddes in your ancestry somewhere, let me know. If you have a web site which you would like to have linked from this site, please send me the URL. Pictures are welcome too. Send good quality images with descriptive information and I will find a place to put them. Always, please, give me enough context so that I can make sure that everyone who visits this site will understand where you fit into the global 'Pedde' picture.

Links to your websites will appear on this page.  I have started the process by including some links to information on my own immediate family below.

If you are curious about whether or not you are connected to our Pedde family tree in some tangential way, try typing your surname into the search box I have provided for that purpose below.  You never know... even if your name is Smith or Schulz or Futzwhutz, you may be connected to us somewhow.

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Peddes in Canada

My father Julius Pedde (1904 - 1998)
My mother Alma Pedde (1914 - 2002)
My brother Alfred Pedde Family Photos
My sister Wanda Pekrul's Family Photos

Peddes in Germany NEW May 20, 2003
Friedhelm Pedde & Family