About Us

About Us

This site will eventually attempt to link Peddes everywhere, worldwide, in one easy-to-find cyber-meeting-hall.  Please roam around the site to see how I propose to do that, hopefully with the help of other Peddes as they become aware of this project.  But first, allow me to introduce myself.

S.J. Pedde

Sieg Pedde

My name is Siegfried Julius Pedde.  My friends call me 'Sieg.' I live near London, Ontario, Canada. Growing up, I always thought that besides our family and our direct relatives, there were no other Peddes in this world of ours. It is only with the advent of the internet and email that I have come to realize that there are indeed many Peddes worldwide. Canada, Germany, the United States, Italy and Brazil and (perhaps even elsewhere) is where you'll find us. Join with me to create a resource for all Peddes to share. There is no charge to become part of our database or to list your email and other contact information.

Over the coming months and years, Pedde.net will grow in direct proportion to the amount of interest and co-operation I get from other Peddes around the world.

If you are a Pedde who wishes to be listed in our database or if you have a website which you would like linked from this site, please contact us by clicking the appropriate link at the bottom of this page.

If you are curious about whether you have any connection, however remote, to our family tree, try typing your surname into the search field below.  If you want to see if there is anything else of interest to you specifically (politics, philosophy, religion, etc.,) type in your search subject and a list of all pages on the site that contain that topic will be listed for you.  Here is the search field:

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My History

I was born in Germany in July of 1945. In May of 1949, my parents left for Canada on the Cunard liner S. S. Scythia. As any almost-four-year-old child might be expected to do, I decided it prudent to accompany them on this great new adventure. There has never been a dull moment since.

We landed in Montreal and immediately boarded a train for Edmonton, Alberta. We ended up living a while near Freedom, Alberta, an interesting coincidence given my proclivity for individual liberty and minimal government. My brother, Alfred was born in Barrhead where we lived through the winter of 1949 in a converted chicken coop. My parents cleaned out the chicken poop, installed a wood stove and we all spent a very cold Alberta winter in that tiny abode. One of a very few things I remember from this period was playing on the floor and seeing ice on the bare, un-insulated walls. The ice started fairly thick at floor level and tapered off higher up with the warmer air. My father, Julius, couldn't find employment with any real promise of providing for his family, so he left for Ontario early in 1950 and the rest of us followed soon after. We settled in Port Colborne.

In 1960 or so, the Maple Leaf Milling Company where my father worked burnt to the ground. The rebuilt mill was smaller and there was no job for Dad. We moved to St. Catharines where he became a janitor for two banks. My mother, brother and I helped out.

In 1962 at age 17, I started my first business. It was a teen-age night-club. Drinking age was 21 in Ontario at that time and older teens had no place to go. I thought that a place devoted to teen-agers was a good idea, so Club Unicorn was born. No alcohol. Girls had to wear dresses or skirts and boys had to wear suits or sport coats. That all seems unbelievably quaint now, but Club Unicorn became an instant success. Parents dropped their kids off at a place where they knew they would be safe. Kids loved the place because they were treated like adults. A uniformed doorman kept out the occasional rowdy and we all had lots of fun.  
We provided live entertainment including whatever band I was playing in at the time.

Initially, I had a partner in Club Unicorn. That proved to be a mistake.  I gave him the boot after several months when he proved himself dishonest. Many years later, I read in the St. Catharines Standard that he and his wife had been arrested for defrauding their respective employers. Go figure.

After a while I tired of it all and, feeling the need to spread my wings, left home in search of my fortune. I lived in Stratford, Mitchell, Sebringville, Hamilton, Burlington, Toronto, (all in Ontario,) and in Edmonton, Alberta. I worked in retail stores learning about business and wandered around Canada, returning to school occasionally when I felt that I needed a change. Because of my many absences, I didn't finish high school until 1967 at age 21. In September of 1967 I married Margaret June Sadler and set off to London, Ontario to go to the University of Western Ontario. My intent was to get a PhD in Philosophy and English, become a university professor and write.

Reality intruded and mocked my intentions. Having experienced the world of business I found university quite... how can I say this... well, if you insist, boring. In the summer after my first year at Western I started Helix Courier and by January of my second year at university I had had enough of school and dropped out. I have never regretted that decision. My brother Alfred joined me at Helix in 1968 and we were partners until 1985 when I bought out his interest. He had had enough of the wild ride and settled down to raise a family with his wife Joyce. They have four children: Jasmine, Amber, Jordan and Jessiah.

In 1976, Margaret and I split up and divorced sometime later. Margaret was (and still is) a great gal and now lives back in St. Catharines.  She married again and has two grown children. In 1983, I met and married Chrystyna Dzwinka Domazar. We are the proud parents of Zachary Alexander who was born in 1992.

Over the years I have had numerous businesses, some successful, others not. My mind flits about constantly and I love the chase but tire of the humdrum.  It has been a wild ride but I am still here, still starting new businesses and interesting projects.  I have come to realize that I will likely never retire. What would I do with myself at home?

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