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Dear Zachary -- An ongoing series of musings dedicated to my son

Zachary Pedde

The world is a complicated place. There are different nations, different races, differing cultures and religions, different values, good and evil, right and wrong. How do each of us fit in?  What should rightfully be expected of us and how do we interact with each other?  Parents have a responsibility to teach their children how to cope and how to sort things out for themselves.  But what should we teach them? Increasingly, the common wisdom (isn't that a great oxymoron?) is to say that everything is relative and that our actions should be dictated by the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  For example: If I'm cold, I put on a sweater; if hungry, I steal food.  Or something like that.  

The point that I'm making is that there is much granting of moral equivalency to quite disparate situations. I believe things are really more black and white than the overall shade of grey that seems to characterize today's ethics.  We must have some code of behaviour to live by and it must consider as inviolable the rights of others to their life, liberty and property.

In this 'Dear Zachary' series, I write about my interaction with my son, my perception of the world and its foibles, my frustrations and celebrations. In short, I address just about anything that might have some value for my son Zachary as he grows up.

Curious?  Have a look:

Dear Zachary Series

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  9. Political Philosophooey  May 16, 2003
  10. Yankee Bashing  
  11. In Search of a Good Whine  April 15, 2003
  12. Why Not Feed Them to the Lions?  April 25, 2003
  13. Left of Centre Lane  (Coming)
  14. To Be or Not To Be  April 8, 2005
  15. The X Factor  (Coming)
  16. Money Does Grow on Trees (Coming)
  17. The Weaker Sex  (Coming)
  18. The Appearance of Doing Something Useful  June 13, 2003
  19. The Road to Natchez  September 6, 2006
  20. Final Goodbyes... an Encore  September 24, 2003
  21. Serendipity (Coming)
  22. Expiration Dates  February 17, 2004
  23. The Girl and the Ballerina Too  February 17, 2004
  24. Customer Disservice: Helping The Customer Decide Where Not to Shop  NEW - April 30, 2004