How to find Peddes in Poland

Listed on the left side of this page are Peddes currently residing in Poland who have some demonstrable connection to the family tree of the owner of this site, Siegfried Julius Pedde. Simply click on the first name of the Pedde or surname you are interested in.

Once a name is clicked, available family tree information can be viewed, possibly including birthdate, place of birth, date of death, immediate relatives, children, wives and husbands.

Email addresses and web pages (if any) for all Peddes, regardless of whether they can be linked to the family tree of Siegfried Pedde, will be listed in this centre panel of the website.

If you are a Pedde and if your information is not listed here, please click here to send us your information.

If you think that someone in your own family history might in some way be connected to a Pedde, please click here for a list of surnames of individuals who are connected (usually by marriage) to some part of my family tree.